CryptoNet info page

Hi all,

I designed and implemented CryptoNet as the final year project of my Computer Science degree (1997!). The tools I used where HotJava 1.0, Kawa 2.0 and JDK 1.1.

Note that at the moment is futile to try to run CryptoNet with anything else but HotJava 1.x or Appletviewer (from the 1.1 version of the jdk). These are the different ways of running CryptoNet:


This Powerpoint file is just a rambling sketch of how information should flow in a net.

This is the original "project report" in various formats:

Unfinished html version.
CryptoNet.doc Microsoft Word 6 format: 2070kb ... zipped: 55kb postscript: 786kb ... zipped: 223kb

This project is no longer maintained!
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Done by Diego Moriarty