Echometer v1.7 Demonstration

In this demonstrations you can see the average round trip delay from your machine to the various servers.
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Location URL Distance Comments
USA, Minnesota Echometer ftp (limited users = 10)
USA, California Echometer ftp
Germany Echometer ftp
Germany Echometer ftp
Ukraine Echometer ftp
South Africa Echometer ftp
If any of the following drift towards zero, that means you are behind a proxy that (unhelpfully) responds immediately,
a future version of Echometer may fix that problem.
USA, North Carolina Echometer ftp tree (via an http server)
Germany Echometer ftp
Austria Echometer ftp

If they all say Security it is because the certificate has not been downloaded to the browser, or because the user (you) has not approved the applet. If they all say Disconnected maybe its because you are behind a firewall, watch out for a future version.

Done by Diego Moriarty