GSPlanner, a goal stack planning demo

This is a very simple java program that illustrates how "goal stack" planning works. It was written as part of the course work for "Artificial Intelligence", one of the modules in the final year of my computer science degree.

These are the different operators with their preconditions, negative effects and positive effects:
fry_eggs have_eggs, have_pan pan_is_clean, have_eggs have_ommelette
clean_pan have_water, have_pan   pan_is_clean
The initial state is: have_eggs, have_pan, have_water
And the goal state is: pan_is_clean, have_ommelette

Java is not running

As of May 98 this java1.1 applet has been successfully tested using Java Plug-in. It is compressed into an unsigned jar file.
March00 update: I got rid of the 1.1 plugin painfull stuff, Java 1.1 is now supported ok by Netscape 4.07+
Feel free to use the GSPlanner source code as you please, if you do a different version please let me know.
Any comments?:

Done by Diego Moriarty