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The problem:

In many sites you have to go through pages and pages to get all the information you want, if you visit the same site on a regular basis you end up wishing this could be automated.
Bookmarks are a good way of solving this problem, but some sites don't like you pointing directly to their inner pages (they want you to read a bunch of ads!), so they change the URLs on a regular basis, therefore invalidating old bookmnarks

The solution:

To write a program that will do the surfing for you!, the concept is quite easy. A JavaScript program can compose an HTML page on the fly with only the information you want. In order to do this, the program has to download pages from the site that interests you and gather the appropriate information.

Most of the programs will be very "site dependand". InfoPicker is really just a bit of code in JavaScript plus a Java applet that will help you do your own program for a specific site.

How to write an InfoPicker for a specific site:

You need to write some JavaScript and save it either in a local file or on the web. The applet can be pointed to remotely, so you don't need to store it with your page.
More explanations needed (for now just look at the code of the demo) ...


In order to see this demo of InfoPicker you first have to trust the authority that certifies that Diego Moriarty is a good guy. Usually this authority would be some trusted third party like VeriSign or Thawte, these authorities are know to Netscape and their certificates are already in Navigator.
For this demonstration I created my own Root Certification Authority.
When Netscape asks you, be sure to Accept this Certificate Authority for Certifying software developers, ok?, ready? click here to add Diego Moriarty Root Certificate Authority to your browser's list.

Usually applets are not allowed to connect to other computers (except to where they come from), now that your browser knows about my certification authority, it will give YOU the option to grant or deny such action when infopicker asks.
Needless to say, to see infopicker running you should grant the privilege, ok? ready? Now you can see the demo.

That's all!

I hope you find InfoPicker usefull. Please use this anonymous form:, if you have any comments, possible improvements, etc...

Good surfing!

Done by Diego Moriarty