'Appendix One'


(In Standard English)

Here is another fairy story, told in other words - words which are altogether different from the original version.

Once upon a time, there was a little girl that lived with her mother in a little house on the edge of a dark forest. This little girl orphan wore a little red coat with a little red hat, and for this reason people called her "Little Red Riding Hood." One morning the mother of Little Red Riding Hood called her and said:

"Little Red Riding Hood, here's a little basket with some bread and butter and sugar cookies. Take this little basket to the house of grandmother, that lives on the other side of the forest. Hurry, don't stop in the forest, and under no conditions stop to talk with strangers!"

"Okay, mother," answered Little Red Riding Hood, and took the little basket and started off.

On her way to the house of grandmother, Little Red Riding Hood met a big bad wolf.

"Well, well, well," said the bad wolf. "If it isn't Little Red Riding Hood! Where goes the pretty little girl with the little basket?"

"I'm going to my grandmother," answered the little girl. "Grandmother is sick in bed. I'm taking her [to her] some bread, butter and sugar cookies."

"Oho, have a good walk," said the bad wolf, but he thought to himself, "I'll take a short cut to the house of grandmother. I will catch up with her later, and then -- oh boy!"

So the wicked wolf took a short cut, and when he reached the house of grandmother, he peeked in her window and saw that poor grandmother laid in her bed. In a flash, this bad wolf leaped on her bed and ate her. Then he put on a night cap of the grandmother and her night gown, and curled up in her bed. In a little while, Little Red Riding Hood arrived at the house and rang the door bell. "Come in, sweetheart," said the wicked wolf, disguising his voice. Little Red Riding Hood went in and stood by the bed of grandmother.

"Oh, grandmother," cried the little girl, "what big eyes you have! I never saw such big eyes."

"Better (Gooder) to see you with, honey," whispered this bad wolf with an evil smile.

"Oh, grandmother, what a big nose you have. I never saw such a big nose!"

"Better (Gooder) to smell you with, honey," said the wolf.

"Oh, grandmother, what a big mouth you have! I never saw such a big mouth!"

"Better (Gooder) to eat you with!" At that, the wolf jumped out of bed and was about to eat Little Red Riding Hood, like he ate the grandmother, when some woodsmen near there heard her cry for help. They hurried in, and with cuts of their axes, cut the wolf open. Out came the grandmother, in good health and surprised at her long sleep.

When she woke up, the gray clouds in the sky parted, and the sun shone (shined) again, clear and bright, filling the room with its yellow light.

Little Red Riding Hood ran to hug her grandmother. They asked the woodsmen to eat with them. Grandmother had some ham, and some vegetables from the garden. With bread and butter and sugar cookies in Little Red Riding Hood's basket, they had a good meal. After they ate, the woodsmen went away happy, with the big wolf's skin to sell.

Next time Little Red Riding Hood went to her grandmother's house she did not stop in the forest to talk with strangers, but hurried safely through the forest. 


Last revised on 31 July 2000