I made the changes with the same intentions as the original TE. Maybe with a little bias towards making it easier for readers and writers to cross the gap. It is probably impossible to be completely impartial when working in this kind of project. I 'tried' to choose pronunciations by following rules (below), if you spot any mistakes, then please let me know.

All the credit for TE goes to University of Kentucky, the lessons and graphics are used with permission. What I did was mostly just a lot of monkey work changing (almost all of) the spellings.

Changes from the original TE:

I call this attempt finished. Note that I have no intention of writing a "translated" set of lessons for Spanish, so there will never be a link to the Spanish version (!). If I ever dedicate more time to this, these are the things to do:

For the curious at heart here I provide the Netscape dictionary file (you can read it as a text file) that I built up during this project.

All the best,
Diego Moriarty

Last updated: 2 May 2001